About us

Wafi B.V. (private limited company) specialises in animal feed concentrates and premixes for exporting all over the globe. Our outstanding recipes are a guarantee of maximum efficiency and convenience. Our products are highly acclaimed in all the countries we export to.

Wafi enjoys GMP+ and ISO 22000 certification
We are fully GMP+ and ISO 22000 certified, as just two of the guarantees that all our products meet the most stringent international and national legis-lative requirements and standards. This also means that our raw materials are sourced only from GMP+ certified manufacturers and suppliers so you can absolutely count on the quality of our products and the food chain.


Wafi operates on a customer and country-specific basis
We offer a guarantee of maximum quality and convenience with a minimum of feed.

Our recipes are optimised to suit:
– the animal’s genetic predisposition and age
– your requirements concerning the finished product
– the local availability and costs of raw materials
– the legislative requirements and standards
– convenience

Wafi specialises in manufacturing quality products
All our concentrates and premixes are produced on order thereby guaranteeing the products offer the best possible keeping qualities. All raw materials are tested by independent laboratories. In addition to the key incoming goods inspections, all our top-quality finished products are tested by out-of-company, independent laboratories before being shipped abroad in containers from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Wafi maintains personal contacts
In the light of our animal feed expertise, we provide our customers with appropriate nutritional support, while offering tailor-made solutions. We visit our customers on a regular basis in order to keep abreast of the local needs and situations of our purchasers.