Broiler products

Our broiler products are optimally made for a healthy production, low feed conversion and high financial results. Based on the raw materials that are locally available, the choice can be made for concentrates (5% – 35% inclusion) or premix (0.1% – 2,5% inclusion).

All our broiler products are custom-made according to your wishes, and contain all necessary proteins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and additives for optimal results.

Day old chicks

It is essential that day-old chicks get perfect nutrition in their first stage of life. Our complete prestarter feed is a 2mm pellet that is easy to eat and to digest for the young chicks. The prestarter stimulates growth to perform later on in life.

Broilers have different needs at every stage of life. Our products can be used for the entire period, but for optimal results we can also make products for each stage of life: starter, grower and finisher.

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