Working togetherfor the best result

Discover the Wafi step-by-step plan for optimal production and the best result. The most important principles are cooperation, professional nutritional advice and the best ingredients.

Step 1

Selecting animal species

The first step of our ‘Wafi method’ is to determine which animal species are involved. Each one has its own nutritional needs. Do you or your customers have a farm with broilers, layers, pigs or fish? We know exactly what you need to achieve an optimal performance.

Step 2

Set up goals

After determining the animal species, we set up the goals. What do you want to achieve? Big eggs or many eggs? Or both? A lower feed conversion for better financial results? We make custom-made products based on these goals.

Step 3

Raw materials

Before we develop the products together, it is important to know which raw materials are available locally. Questions arise such as: what are the nutritional values of the local raw materials, and are the local raw materials available all year round? Once we have this information at our disposal, we start developing custom-made products.

Step 4

The product

Our next step is to develop the products. Based on the information about the animal species, the goals and the available local raw materials, we make custom-made products with all the required proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes and other additives.

Step 5

Mix instruction

The custom-made products mixed with the locally available raw materials make the final feed. We provide you with the mixing instructions in order to obtain the final feed for the animal species, even per stage of life.

Step 6

Order specific production

All our products are custom-made and are produced after ordering. The advantage of this way of working is that the products are as fresh as possible and therefore the shelf life is longer. The products are produced with the highest quality of raw materials.

Step 7


Our production facilities are located near the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Our well experienced logistic department takes care of all the required documents and gives you full support.

Step 8

Production at farm

After the goods have arrived at the destination, the time has come to start using the feed. We analyze the results together and optimize the feed if necessary.

Step 9

Support & long timepartnership

We work closely together with you to achieve the goals. Because we are constantly developing and innovating our products, we can continuously push your goals to a higher level. We share our knowledge and advice. We visit you on a regular basis and we can organize seminars for you and your customers. Wafi does not see you as a customer, but as a partner.

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